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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New stuff, Milk and random planes!

I love the blogs with the awesomely random title so heres mine :)
I have officially started my second semester at school (Yay! I survived the first one) This means I have new subjects and new teachers! So far I am quite enjoying my new subjects, especially Earth and Cosmos. In other school related news I love my new elective, Genealogy, because it means we get to go to the state library and research our ancestors. I found the church that my great-great-great-great-great- grandparents got married in on Google earth! Its quite an addictive thing to do if you have the right resources. I am also going to Uni open day tomorrow and they have a talk on Uni exchanges so I hope to maybe listen in on that just to see what sort of options I might have. 

I have been collecting all my Aussie things and also pins and badges into my "exchange draw" and it is filling up fast! I have a kangaroo toy, a can holder with a kombi van on it, some SA cards and heaps of other Aussie themed things! I also bought a tiny soft reindeer from Ikea because it was so cute! My Nana also brought over some of Robyn's (my Auntie) old Rotary things so I now have a rotary bottle opener and a very cool black and white photo of my Auntie with her host club and their banner! I also got one of her business cards and that was in black and white too! I have my district orientation in 2 days! I'm really excited! Mostly to meet all the other outbounds but I hope we learn some helpful stuff too! The same day me and my parents are going to a bonfire bbq party thing at one of our clubs Rotarians olive farm. Its an annual thing that they do after they've picked all their olives, it should be good fun and i'll get the opportunity to talk to heaps of the clubs members. I also just remembered that the inbound for our club will be there too! I'm pretty sure she's from Austria so it will be great to meet her too! 

I was in biotech class the other day and I randomly came across this little table because we were researching pasteurisation. 
I'm not gonna lie that the fact that Finland's percentage is low was quite a relief because I detest UHT milk! I realise how weird this must sound but i'm sure that if you're an exchange student you know what its like to obsess over EVERYTHING about your host country, even their milk drinking statistics :P

And the random plane part of the title was that as I was witting this a plane flew over the house and A - I don't think i've ever seen a plane near my house before and B - it made me smile stupidly at the thought that I will soon be on a plane off to Finland! (you see what I did there :P)

Thats all for now! Oh all the Finnish Inbounds for 2010 are all in Karkku right now! Hopefully soon they'll get to their host families houses and I can hear all about how their first week in Finland went! 

I'll be sure to blog after orientation, thanks for reading! 


  1. Happy bear! yay
    er...Julia, I'm happy you learned something your interested in in biotech :)

  2. So you should be Sophie!! :P
    0.0 % much better than Belgium!


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