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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so busy over the last week, mostly with school but I’ve had work and the long weekend event planning has kept me busy too. Normally I embrace busy, but lately I just wish i had some time to chill and read, which I haven't done in a long time. 

I bought some Thermals a few days ago, they are black and no one will ever see me wearing them because they aren't the most attractive thing around. I also my passport all organised and i went and got another photo done. Now I just to have it endorsed and its all ready to go!

I have also been doing lots of reading and chatting to exchange students and one thing I found out is that it takes roughly 20 hours to fly to Helsinki! 20 HOURS!! Thats just air time, I will have to stop over, probably twice, and all up it could end up as much as 30 hours! I hope I stopover in London! That would be nice, even if I couldn't go and see anything, it would be nice to say id been to London :P I basically just did an Adelaide to Finland search on webjet for the weekend we leave and most of the flights fly to somewhere else in Oz before heading overseas but some of them fly to Singapore straight from Adelaide and then down to London and the over to Finland. I would probably prefer this because I don't really want to spend 4 hours stopover at Sydney airport! Unless I got to stopover in Melbourne and Nanna could see me off! I could end up stopping anywhere though, I guess it also depends on the other outbounds, I'm pretty sure Rotary try to get some of us to travel together where possible. So if there is a German outbound, I could just as well end up in a German airport! 

Anyways I am worrying way to much about my flight! I guess its hard to imagine what will happen when I actually get there so its easier to just put all my energy into how i'm getting there! Jenni (my cousin) said that she is 99% sure that she will come and visit me in Finland, which is awesome! Moni also wants to see if she can work it into her Europe trip! 

We were talking about The Declaration Of Helsinki in Biodiversity the other day and it felt nice to be learning something about "my" country and thats exactly what it felt like, it felt like I was learning something about my own country which was nice. 

In unrelated news, I posted my very first YouTube video ever! :) I'm not going to post a link because its embarrassing and if you really want to see it, i'm sure you can find it somehow. I am also turning 16 in less than 6 weeks! :O I have no idea what I should do?! I thought about maybe just seeing a movie or everyone coming over for lunch. I don't want a party or anything big, I just want all my friends to be there, so i'm gonna start planning now, so no one goes away! I was originally going to be at Wirraway for my birthday which would have been cool, but i'm glad that I get to spend it home with all my friends and not just Megan. 

Anyway that all from me! 
Only 232 days left!! 


  1. Hei serkku,
    Olen pahoillani, jos en kirjoittaisi.
    So, I decided not to comment on your most recent post, simply because busy busy busy was a title which is more relevant to my current style de vie. The footy sounds interesting too, that is, if the Hawks weren't languishing at the bottom of the eight.
    But anyway, ‘busy busy busy’ is my life at the moment, it seems the city has caught up with me after my time away, which is a shame. I guess you can tell where I’d rather be at the moment, but it’s still good to be home.
    Thank you kindly for your letter and photos, I’ll have you know that your letter has pride of place in my Milo tin (currently serving as a time capsule) and your photos were on my wall above my bed.
    Unpacking is definitely the worst part – as I’m sure you’ll find when you get back from your big adventure. You’re so used to this place that is different, but seems right, and then unpacking is the reality check that the experience is actually over and you can’t just wake up in the morning and be back where you belong. It seems surreal for the first few weeks, being back, that is, but I’m told after that you settle in alright.
    So I’m up to two hundred and twenty five marvellously written words and I’m going to get to four hundred by midnight – I promise.
    So, I’ve found you a random, unnecessary and totally hilarious fact about Finland that you might not have previously known (see how that sentence made up about twenty words?). So anyway, did you know that Donald Duck comics used to be banned in Finland because of the fact that Donald Duck aint wearing any pants? Also, Finland has competed in the Eurovision competition forty two times, and it has only had a winning artist once!
    I was watching Eurovision the other day, quite entertaining actually. You should look up your country’s 2006 hit ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ on Youtube sometime. Good stuff.
    So anyway, I had a great time and I know it’s about 230 days until you go, but I know you’ll have a fantastic time and your sisters won’t even notice you’re gone! I’m just kidding – we’ll all miss you – but have a great time, yes?
    400 words exactly, I hope you’re happy :) Love Alex.

  2. Oh, I wasn't that upset that you didn't write, I had fun writing it :)

    I hope you settle back in to your crazy life! Nanna told me that your all tall now :O
    Little Alex all growed up!

    hahaha I did not know that Donald Duck had been banned, that is quite hilarious, I wonder if it will cause some issues if I bring some Donald Duck comics with me!

    The crows are doing worse than the hawks! But we did beat Fremantle and they were second, so hopefully we win every game from now on!

    Anyway I'm glad you had a great time in Marshmead and if you get too sick of Nana you can always ship her over to Adelaide :)


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