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Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting my SACE

You thought I wouldn't get a post in for today! Hah! You were right :( because it is now 12.04 and that means it Saturday which means no post for Friday!! I have been posting at such strange times.....

Anyway I have been a bit concerned about how I would get my SACE while i'm in Finland, because the new SACE is very strict and you have to get 70 units! I went to meet with my principal today and he sort of told me that I just have to show evidence that I did a full year at school and I can apply for year 11 "status." The only other thing was the PLP, Graeme (my principal) was pretty sure that just getting in to the exchange pretty much covers all the capability's so the SACE board might let them submit that as ""complete" if not I just get graded at our next Learning Conversation, like all the year 11's. I felt pretty good afterward because it doesn't sound that complicated, I just have to make sure I keep records of what I do, to prove I did a full school year.

I actually had a really interesting day, at lunch time there was some dancers down near the library and it was fun to watch all the people who had probably never danced before, try to copy what the professional dancer was doing! It was a preview for a Zumba club they are opening at Flinders. Nikki and I want to join!! :P

I had work tonight and I was finding it sooooo hard to concentrate! All I could think about was pins for my blazer, plane flights, Eurotour, thermals and snow at Christmas. It was really annoying, I had to tell myself to snap out of it numerous times! I have to find ways of concentrating, now that I ALWAYS have something to ponder.

Rotary exchange lets you learn more about another culture apart form your own but I think it also lets you get to know your own culture better as well. I have started noticing things that are very Australian, or things that I will definitely miss when I leave and its opened my eyes to the sort of things that we take for granted, just assuming every where else has the same circumstances.

Totally unrelated little fact that I found out this week, the Americans don't use Christmas crackers at Christmas, it is only a tradition in Commonwealth countries! The poor Americans :( Crackers are awesome! I'm not sure if they have them in Finland because its not part of the Commonwealth. I might bring some Christmas Crackers with me, or maybe just get Mum and Dad to send them to me in December.

I just realised I don't have a picture or a video to add to this post!! 
So here is a Christmas Cracker!! 

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