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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shopping for Finland

I know I've already posted today but I went shopping for Finland tonight. We went down to Marion and we looked at some fleecy jumpers and then I tried on some thermals and goose-down feather jackets in Kathmandu. Thermals would have to be the weirdest things ever! They are really thin and stretchy but I was literally sweating after 10 seconds of putting them on!

We didn't buy anything we were just sizing up and seeing what brands were good and working out what sort of options there was. I rally liked the big puffy "Eskimo" jackets, they were very snuggly. 

This is the jacket that we all liked, I tried on a shorter one but this one fitted better. 

Once we had finished at Kathmandu we went to Jay Jays and I got a Green eggs and Ham t-shirt. It was nice to spend the afternoon with Mum and Amy but I am absolutely spent now from trying on a thousand tops, jumpers and leggings! 

We also went to see Kimberley in the travel store and she gave me some brochures, not that there is a lot of Finland in them though, Finland is often forgotten! 

Right now I am listening to Mikä Boogie, which I know means "What's Dancing" and thanks to a friend in Finland, it is basically says that they like it when woman dance! I guess some things don't change in different countries! 

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