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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Helsinki - Capital of my world

Helsinki is the beautiful capital of Finland and I found out some interesting facts about it today.
That most shocking was that the highest temperature ever recorded at city centre was 31.6 °C  on July 18, 1945 and the lowest was −34.3 °C on January 10, 1987.

32 degrees! The highest ever recorded! Thats cold! It is pretty awesome that i'm going to have a warm birthday though, even saying that it's still normally about 15 degrees in our winter and not -30!! 

Helsinki has an average of 121 rainy days, a third of the year! I love rain, I am definitely going to invest in a good rain coat! The funniest thing I discovered is that Helsinki's plant symbol is a maple and its animal symbol is a squirrel! That sounds so much like Canada to me!! 

Finland has pretty much taken over my life, I live, breathe and dream Finland; even though i'm still in Australia. Weird, I know. Sometimes it gets annoying, I get mad at Finland for stealing all my thoughts! 

I have been talking to heaps of Exchange students, all at different times of their exchange and from different countries and they have given me so much good advice. 

I have also been reading a lot of blogs, and it has given me lots of tips on how to keep this blog interesting and informative at the same time. I actually really love my blog, its so therapeutic to write down every thing your thinking, even if no one reads it. 

Is it just me or are the houses in Helsinki really cool! They look like colorful Lego blocks, stacked up on top of each other! 

This is a satellite view of Helsinki, The actual city covers 686 sq km but only 186 of that is land! 

Hauskaa päivän jatkoa 
(have a nice day)

The J is said as a Y like German, I wonder if that means my name is said Yulia??

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