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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 4 of Karkku


This morning we were up early as usual and we had 3 hours of lessons, during our lessons the sun came out! The actual sun was shining! :O We all went out and took photos and it was nice to have some sunlight! We played lots of games in lessons today and we learnt how to tell the time, the weather and some pieces of clothing. After lunch we had a big cake that Eugenia host parents had sent to camp for her 18th birthday! After that we got on the bus to head to TAMPERE! The trip took about an hour and was pretty boring but it was exciting when we got there because it was our first Finnish city because Helsinki doesn’t really count because we only saw the airport. First up was a tour on the bus and it was really interesting, we stopped at two churches and also a park right at the top of the city and the view was pretty speccy. It was a really nice city but it was freezing, It got to about -20! After the tour we went shopping! Our first stop was H &M, a few of our tutors said it was the best store ever, i'd only heard of it because of CS. Anyway I got a beanie that was only 5 Euros and when I went to pay the lady said something which I thought might have been do you want a bag so I just said joo, which is yes and so then she said something really long and fast at me and I just had to nod my head and give her my money! We went to this huge department store, like Kmart but with EVERYTHING! We stopped at Heseburger for some noms and the burger was pretty good but it didn’t taste that different to McDonalds but I know there are Finns who will disagree with me here!  After that we hopped back on the bus and headed back to camp were we were treated to a lovely performance by the Karkku church band. We played some more strange games which included Finnish bowling and that was really awesome! I will have to buy a set of those pins and ship them home. 

The sun! 

Playing spin the pencil

Happy 18th Birthday!

Pretty Stain-glass in the first church

Creepy painting in the church, it has a nice meaning behind it though, something like the skeletons are tending to our souls before they go to heaven. 

The view from the park


The organ in the second church. 


  1. The finnish bowling thing you talked about I definately played in Denmark with my host family. It's such a great game!

  2. Maybe its more Nordic bowling than just Finnish Bowling :P

  3. That is what I'm thinking! Thanks Julia for making me miss playing it with my family at my mormor and morfars (grandparents on moms side). hehe! Definately buy it and take it back to Australia.


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