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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First day with my family

We had rice porridge for brekkie which was pretty nice but a very strange texture. After breakfast we all suited up to go skiing! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be at first, there are like tracks set up and you put your skis in the tracks and then use your feet and your sticks to ski. So I was having a lovely time until we had to start going up hill. I was okay at first because it wasn't too steep but then it all went downhill (pun intended). After a few minutes of struggling with Katariina standing behind me in case I slipped backwards, Eeva and Ville took their skis off and practically dragged me up the hill, it was so embarrassing!  When we were at the top, I had to go down! I was a bit scared because I wasn't sure how fast I would go. Eventually I toughened up and I went whizzing down the hill! The whole way I thought I was going to fall but I kept my knees bent just like they all taught me and I got all the way to the bottom without falling over! It was actually really fun and I can’t wait till we can go out again. Hopefully I get the hang of going uphill a bit better! We skied down to where Pauli and Antti had made a fire in this little shelter they have near the river and we warmed up and talked. Eventually we had to go home because Eeva and Ville had to go home. Antti, Pauli, Liisa and I played guitar hero until Antti and Liisa had to go back home, Pauli helped me set up my Finnish cell phone, whooo Nokia! It is one of my second family's old phones. After Pauli left Tiina and I kept playing guitar hero for a while but she beat me every single time! :P 

Getting some lessons from Eeva and Ville

What a pro! 

Katariina, Tiina and I

Katariina and I, this was just before we went uphill

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  1. THat looks awesome ~ someone's a pro skier :P


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