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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eurotour - Day 1

The Eurotour blogging begins! I am going to be updating one day at a time as fast as I can write them and I hope you enjoy reading them! To view only the Eurotour posts click here. I have added in a lot of wikipedia links to the countries and cities that we visited so if you want to learn more about them then you can do so that way. You can see all the photos from the trip on my Facebook so head on over and check them out. 

The first day was mostly spent on the train to Turku. I had to wake up early and Jarmo drove me to Iisalmi where the adventure begun! It was a long trip to Turku but I had a few of my favourite exchange students on the train and we all kept each other company. We got some free time in Turku wen we arrived so we wandered around the city and bought food, because what else would exchange students do besides buy food? Lewis made friends with a homeless guy who wanted money, Lewis pretended to understand what he was saying and this guy even joined us on the bus back to the port! Finally at about 8 we got to get on the boat! The Eurotour begins! After a delicious buffet dinner we gathered a huge group and went to the karaoke bar. There were other people singing too, Finnish songs, Swedish songs and English songs. No matter what language, we sung the words and danced around. It was so much fun and a really great way to start of Eurotour! I wasn't on the Russian trip so I had only met the Oldies from my district so it was nice to put faces to Facebook profiles!

Chilling by the river

Making friends

Singing Down Under

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