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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eurotour - Day 8

I dragged myself to breakfast and I had broken one of my thongs the day before hand so I just went barefoot and a man staying at the hotel asked me if I was too poor to afford shoes and then did this hilariously scary chuckle to himself. We had quiet time on the bus and everyone was more than happy to oblige, we stopped briefly at a liqueur factory in Grenoble and watched a small 3D film about the history of the place. It was interesting but the general consensus afterwards was that most of us fell asleep during it. Then we had the opportunity to taste some of the liqueurs. We arrived at the hotel in the evening and thankfully we were on the 1st floor so no lugging the suitcase up 5 floors, I think this was the only place we stayed where I didn't have to carry my suitcase up at least 2 flights of stairs. The hotel was at the base of the French Alps and it was amazing!  There was a pool and a volleyball net that we could use and a computer with Internet too!

Lots of sleepy people!

I'm sorry Mathaus but you look hilarious!

A scene from the video we watched

Don't we all look so alert and awake?

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