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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eurotour - Day 3

In the morning we had a tour around Copenhagen, we stopped at the canals and the Little Mermaid statue and we went to the Royal Palace and got to see the changing of the guards. The guards were kinda scary, if you got too close to them they would stamp their gun on the ground and look straight at you. We had a really good tour guide and she told us heaps of really interesting thing but I can't really remember them. When we got back to the hotel I got to meet my friend Andrea for the first time! We'd been facebook friends since the beginning of her exchange and it was so nice to finally meet her, she came with a big group of us to Christiana which is Denmark's "free city." It really was something else all together, I couldn't work out if I was amazed or appalled by this little city. You weren't allowed to take any pictures because technically all the drugs are still illegal. Denmark's government is always trying to eradicate the open drug selling but has tried unsuccessfully many times although their is a "no hard drug" rule within Christiana as of 1979 and they take this seriously. The smell of cannabis gets to you after a while so we left and caught the bus back to our hotel and tried to find food. I had to say goodbye to Andrea then and I really didn't want to, I'd just got to meet her and then I had to leave and I had no clue when I would see her again. One thing I've learnt is that exchange is so chock full of goodbyes :( You should all read Andrea's blog, she is a really really good writer and I especially recommend it to outbounds! Ashleigh and I had to sprint back to the bus then and luckily we made it on time and the bus continued its journey till we reached a ferry that took us to Germany. We were staying overnight in Bremen and while we were waiting for to get our key cards hundreds of people on roller-skates went by!

A golden girl on her bike

The canals of Denmark, they call it "little Amsterdam"

Sophie and I with a guard

The guards changing, it kind of looks like they are laughing when they change.

Here they are marching around

Andrea and I!


I stole these pictures of google because I wanted to show you what it was like in there.
There is about 850 people that live there permanently (including 150 children) and they all live in houses that are mostly made by themselves. 

There was so many bikes! 

I swear it is not me who makes the noises at the start!  

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