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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eurotour - Day 5

Somehow even though I woke at 6.45 I still managed to be late for breakfast and had to throw some rolls into a serviette and dash back to the bus. We were driving to Belgium and the traffic was crazy! Crazy traffic to me is Melbourne at rush hour and that has NOTHING on the crazy traffic I saw while on Eurotour! We finally arrived in Brussels and it was a lovely warm day. We had free time to wander the streets and try chocolate, waffles and French fries. I didn't get any French fries but I can report that the waffles and chocolate are as good as their reputation! Brussels is the capital of the European Union and all the main EU meetings and stuff happen there. This meant that a lot stores had stuff from all the EU counties and I found a Finnish flag, badge and sticker. Very weird buying touristy things in the wrong country. One problem that arose quite often in a lot of place we were at was that most stores had a limit for what you could use your card for and also ATM's seemed to be a dying breed. I think I spent about 50 euro's less than what I was going to in Brussels just because I couldn't find a damn ATM to get any cash. We had a delicious lunch and then had to start driving again, this time to Paris! We arrived in Paris just before sunset so we could see the tip of the Eiffel tower in the distance, so exciting!

European Parliament

There were puppies on the side walk!

I had a ridiculous messy and delicious waffle

Missä olemme?

The view from our hotel room

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