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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eurotour - Day 9

In a lot of the hotels we got wakeup calls and at this particular hotel, the phone wouldn't stop ringing no matter how many times we picked it up, a few minutes later it would start ringing again! Very annoying! We watched Chicago on the bus as we drove through the Alps which were breathtaking! We stopped at a little city called Sisteron which I absolutely loved, definitely one of my favourite stops of eurotour! After the craziness of Paris, Sisteron was so quaint and peaceful. We had free time and I walked around with Jackie, we found suspicious looking stairs and decided to see where they would take us. We wandered the beautiful streets and came down to this little man made lagoon sort of thing where we ran into Krisse and Connie sun-baking. I went to get money and Jackie found a stray cat that didn't seem to like her!

We then waited forever for our lunch to come out and did the games on the back of our place-mats to pass time, well I did. Everyone else was much too cool for that. We had a bit of a ABC 90's kids show discussion between us Aussies and that was good fun! Who remembers Magic Mountain? I had completely forgotten about it! Ok getting off topic, we were back on the bus then and as we started winding down this huge hill we could see the whole of Cannes at the bottom of it. Everyone was standing up being thrown around the bus trying to get a glimpse of the incredible view. We stopped in Cannes for a little while to go to a perfume factory, that was interesting but everything was so expensive so I didn't buy anything. We drove another 30 minutes to Nice and unloaded everything into our hotel and had dinner.

The view from our Hotel


Cute little backyards. 

Watching the tourists! 

At Lunch

The view!!

Trying to photograph Cannes but failing.


  1. Hi! Nice blog :) It's good to see another nerdfighter online. You can check out my blog, too, if you'd like. :)


  2. Ok, so...I came back to your blog...and now after re-reading this post I'm a bit confused- your Australian, but you are in Europe. And you're bilingual? Or just know a bit of whatever other language that is?

    Sorry I'm asking so many questions- just confused. :)

  3. Hey no worries about the questions! I love getting questions!
    I am Australian and I am in Finland this year as an Exchange student with Rotary Youth Exchange. These Euro-tour posts are about a trip I took through Europe.

    I wish I was bilingual but sadly I am not. I am learning Finnish while I live here and I have a pretty good grasp so far.
    Hope that answered everything!

  4. Hi Julia , just caught up on the rest of your euro tour. I have been to most but not all of the places you went to. It was nice to see them through your eyes and remember them. I enjoy your blog, so keep up the good work. Sorry you were so sick in Italy. Hey yeah the stony beaches suck!! Makes you realize how we have the best beaches!!!!! Xx. Take care


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