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Friday, August 5, 2011

Eurotour - Day 10

A group of us walked down to the beach  in Nice after breakfast and were surprised to find that the beach is made of rocks and not sand! It wasn't very comfortable to lay on so I didn't stay long, instead I went for a walk with 3 other girls and we got so lost! Luckily we had Christine with us and she spoke French so we managed to find our way back eventually. Then we all got on the bus to go to the Principality of  Monaco! The tour guide gave us some history and whatnot while we drove there and she never once referred to it as just Monaco, only ever the Principality of Monaco. It took a while because there had been a car crash at one of the tunnels and the traffic was terrible. Monaco was so amazing, everything was so clean and all the gardens were in perfect condition and it was like the entire principality was a royal place, which I guess in a way it sort of is. We took a giant elevator up to the top of the Rock of Monaco and we had free time to shop and buy food. While we were in this little courtyard, we  realised that the huge group of tourists that was also there, were speaking Finnish! What are the chances? I wanted to "accidentally" bump into one of them and say anteeksi but I never did. After that we drove to see the Monte Carlo Casino. It was really cool to see it but it was the cars parked around it that were much more of a highlight for me. We got to see the place where the Monaco Grand Prix starts and also the famous Farimont Hotel hair pin. We left Monaco then and headed towards Italy, I listened to the only Italian song I had on my ipod as we entered Italy and I was just so excited! I have always dreamed of going to Italy ever since I saw the film, Under the Tuscan Sun and it just felt so great to finally say that I had been there. We arrived at our hotel a little late and we had pasta that was good but a little al-dente for my liking. 

The beach in Nice

Sophie and I on the beach

Leaving Nice

The peninsula, which had a name but I have forgotten it. 

Police Box!!! 

This seagull/bird was some sort of mutant. It was HUGE! 

Yes the cars were very nice in Monaco! 

There are a lot of rules in Monaco! 

The casino

The famous bend

Crossing the border into Italy!

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