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Friday, August 5, 2011

Eurotour - Day 11

Today was spent driving to Verona. We watched Summer Heights High on the way, good example of Australian school life for everyone? The weather was lovely, nice and warm but not too sunny. I was with my German friends Nadja and Victoria and we went to Juliet's balcony first and did some touristy shopping. We had fruit salad cups and then I got my first Italian Gelato! Strawberry, chocolate and choc chip, it was delicious! The Verona's flag is very similar to Sweden's flag so seeing the big flag on the side of the buildings was a little weird! We had to head back to the bus then and we drove another few hours to Lido de Jeslo. We went swimming in the lovely beach and Ana, Jackie and I went on an ATM hunt. It was dark and late and finally we found one, it was all in Italian though and wouldn't give us any money. A local offered to try her card for us and turned out the ATM had no money left in it. Seriously from my experience, people in Europe must carry a lot of cash! In Finland you can use your bankcard anywhere for any amount.

The Balcony

Nadja and I. I may have gotten sunburnt in Sisteron!


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