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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eurotour - Day 16

Today was mostly driving with a stop at the Nuremberg war museum in the morning. It was a really interesting museum but also really depressing.  We had lunch at a nice little pub and then we drove some more. We watched Little miss Sunshine and Click. We arrived in Berlin late in the afternoon and a big group of us went for a walk in search of some spaghettieis. Sophie speaks German so she always asked for directions in German but that night she asked for directions 3 times and none of the people we asked spoke German  We tried to pick non-touristy people but obviously we weren't very good at it. We did eventually find some spaghettieis and it looked really cool but wasn't as tasty as I had expected. 

In the museum

Sophie with her ice cream

The spagetti eis! 

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