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Friday, August 5, 2011

Eurotour - Day 12

The morning was rather eventful due to the fact that the hotel we were in was very old and the drainage in the bathroom was terrible and I managed to flood our room. Good times. We caught the bus down the harbour and took a boat to Venice. Venice was really incredible, the way it is cut up by canals and clock towers and the red of the bricks mixed with the sun reflecting on the water just made for a real site. It was so hot though and so we stuck to the lanes where the buildings acted as shade. I bought many lovely things in Venice and we spent most of the morning shopping and eating gelati and pizza for lunch. we had a group booking for gondola rides and it was really nice to see the city again from a different point! And the guy steering our gondola sung which was awesome! Nadja and I had bought masks and we put them on while we were in the gondola. Little did I know that I had glitter all over my face for the rest of the day until a lady at a shop we were in told me! Once we got off the gondolas I hung out with Maddi and we just talked and shopped. We had a free night that night but when you put 40 people on a bus, if one gets sick then others are going to get sick too and I had caught something horrible from someone. I spent my free night trying to survive in our hotel room which seemed to double as a sauna until I worked out how to use the air-con.

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