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Friday, August 19, 2011

Eurotour - Day 18

Today was spent on the boat, we had a late breakfast and just hung out and played cards, swapped pins and books till we had a bit of a party in the evening. There was some speeches and some tradition things that I shouldn't explain because we want them to be a surprise for the newbies. By the end there was a lot of tears and hugs all round. This is the last time that we would get to see our oldies and this was the last time our oldies saw pretty much everyone that they had known and become friends with over their year. It was surprisingly nice hearing Finnish again after being surrounded by English and a lot of Spanish for three weeks straight. There was a Sauna on the boat (off course) and a group of us spent a couple of hours there just telling stories about our exchanges. I had definitely missed Sauna a lot! 3 weeks without it is way to long. We didn't have a curfew so we stayed up pretty late playing card games. 

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