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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eurotour - Day 15

The morning was spent driving through the mountains and watching cheaper by the dozen. At lunch time we got to Innsbruck which was our only stop in Austria. We only had a couple of hours and I just looked around and bought some things and then had the most expensive lunch with Nadja, Victoria and Meritt. We had a few more hours of driving and then we arrived in this cute little German city and had a delicious dinner of snitchel and chips. We had a show from a guy playing the accordion and then two young boys came and danced for us and they were really good! Such a good first impression from Germany! More driving but we were all a bit sick of movies so we had a talent show instead and much hilarity was had! We arrived in Nuremberg rather late and there was some more suitcase lugging and then I went for a short walk with some others and we found this very strange statue that we think was about a poem. 



Germany with the darling Maddi

I missed you snitchel! 

Apparently we really sung that bad! 

Cake anyone?

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