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Friday, August 19, 2011

Eurotour - Day 17

We spent the morning sightseeing in Berlin, we stopped at Brandenburg Gate and there we also saw the memorial to all the Jews that were killed. While we were there a lot of us were interviewed by some German school children for their English class. Their English was amazing, they all looked about 11 or 12! We saw a giant euro and there was lots of people dressed up that you could take pictures with. Next we stopped at the Berlin Wall, not at all like I would have imagined it in my head and some of the paintings were really cool. We didn't get to stay very long which was a shame, I would have liked to look at some more of the artwork. We had lunch in a pub and then we all had free time for a few hours. Our group wanted some find some shops so we headed in a direction we thought was good, we stopped at a really strange sculpture park on the way and ran into a guy from Melbourne! We stopped at Starbucks and apparently it is kind of a big deal that I was loosing my "Starbucks virginity" as its called.  I can't even remember what I had, how promiscuous! We had to dash back to our bus then and we had a good 5 hours of driving. Finally we arrived at the dock but we had to wait a while before we got on the boat. We checked in after midnight and then fell asleep! Today was also the 21st which means 5 months since I left Australia. Crazy. 

The memorial

Lucho and Sophie :)

The Wall

At the sculpture park. I read this out loud and the people I was with just looked at me funny till I showed them that I was reading something. 

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