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Friday, August 12, 2011

Eurotour - Day 14

Somehow I had acquired way to much stuff and getting it all into my bag was such a stress, especially since I had a glass plate that I really didn't want to break. Eventually it all squashed in and we headed off in the bus. It was long trip to our next hotel and we watched a few movies and stopped at this tiny little town with this beautiful waterfall. We got to our hotel and I had about 15 minutes to decide if I was going on the hike. I decided on yes because it was I was looking forward to so much and I was so pissed that I was sick. It was cold which is great when you are sick right? I made it to the top though and there was snow! For some reason it felt like I hadn't seen snow in a long time but it was only about 2 months. We got to try the water from the creek on the way back and we met some cows that all had bells on so you could hear them walking around in the trees besides us even if we couldn't see them. It started to pour with rain about half way down and we got a bit soaked! When we got back to our hotel, we spent an hour being messed around by the owners. We didnt have a key and they gave us key after key and none of them worked. We had a really nice dinner with funny bread-sticks that were such a novelty. I skipped dessert and was a really lame sick person and went to bed. 

Heading up in to the mountains

Have I mentioned I love Nadja! 

My favourite Germans <3


Trying the water

Making some Italian friends.

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