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Friday, August 5, 2011

Eurotour - Day 13

This was our free day in Jeslo but I was still really ill so I didn't do much. I went for an early morning swim to try and cool down and I was the only one in the water. I suspect that was probably because the water was freezing but I had a fever and everything felt warm to me. I didn't realise how much i'd missed the beach, just swimming out a couple hundred metres and floating is so peaceful. I lazed around on the beach for a while and drunk ice tea. The supermarket near us had 2 litre ice tea bottles and I think I drank at least two bottles that day! I went to the beach at lunch time and just lazed around with some people and talked. There had been a lot of drama the night before that I had missed out on. I had gelato for lunch and went back to my room and washed my clothes. They had told us we would be able to use washing machines in Jeslo but they were 10km away so we ended up washing everything by hand. I went to the beach again and buy then it was dinner time. I had my last Gelato in Italy after dinner and then tried to sleep. It was lucky that I the worst of my sickness coincided with a free day. I took very few pictures in Jeslo so here are some that I found on the Internet.

It was a really nice beach!

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