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Friday, March 4, 2011

1 Month!

Wow so I have been in Finland for over a month now! Where did all the time go! I have been very busy over these last two weeks so I have gotten very behind on my blog and I’m sorry about that but after a few requests to hurry up I’ve decided I should get on with it!

Monday 14th of February
This week is a test week at school so I didn't have to go to school and I got to sleep in and have a late breakfast. I spent most of the day just talking to my Host mum and relaxing. In the evening my second Host dad, Jarmo, picked me up to bring me to my first volleyball training. It was so good to be playing volleyball again and my team is so nice. I managed to play quite well all training and I was pleasantly surprised that I was still an okay volleyball player even though I didn’t play a lot last year. Anyway my team trains 3 times a week Mon, Wed and Fri and they have tournaments every month or so. I am super excited to be playing with them :) I swum for a little bit afterwards but I only had 30 minutes. I got to see some great pics of my dog at home, Clay, courtesy of Jack and I’ll post some here because I can’t resist showing him off :)

Mines the lazy one on the ground

I got to Skype my Nana today for the first time since I got here and it was great just to hear her voice.  After that Katariina went to get a haircut and Väinö dropped me at school to talk to Arja (the principal) and I got my official school schedule! I have Maths, Chemistry, English and Sport and I get to finish super early on Wednesday. I walked to the shops afterwards for a bit and then Katariina took me to the bank to get my account set up. It was pretty straightforward but I experienced my first real can’t you just speak English please moments. I understand that is a very selfish thought but I am so used to doing my own banking and being in charge of my money that sitting there while they made my bank account not understanding anything just annoyed me! I was in a right bad mood because it was freezing and I was tired of not understanding but I felt much better when I got home to see that my Hunger Games books had arrived and so had my Secret Santa present J I watched Chuck for a bit and mid afternoon my package from home arrived! I opened it up with Tiina and everything was freezing! Also, unbeknownst to me my mum had added my scrap book that my best friends had made that was too heavy to bring in my suitcase; seriously made me day! I listened to the first Hamish and Andy for the year and unpacked my box then did a blog post for you all!

Worked on my first rotary report for a bit and finished up my slideshow for Tiina’s class. I went to Tiinas School after lunch and gave a short talk to her class about Australia. They seemed to really enjoy it and this was a group of 11/12 year olds who have been learning English for about 2 years and I was only being partly translated and they were asking me full proper questions!  I was just gobsmacked at how good at English they were! When we got home I got to look at about 200 old family photos mostly of Tiina and that was great fun. Jarmo picked me up for volleyball again and as we were driving there the car thermometer got down to -32.5! My coach called as we were driving to say it was cancelled though so we turned around and came back home. I went to the shops with Katariina and Tiina then looked at jackets online. 

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