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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wanhojen Tanssit

I went into the city with Katariina and went shopping with Tiina and her friend in a cool newsagent store. My host mum and dad were organising some meeting with a minister for environment or something of the sorts and we hung around there until Vaino drove us home. I felt a bit homesick today, not sure why I just missed my mum and dad a bit. Liisa and Antti arrived at about 3 without Pauli this time because he had a shooting camp this weekend.

After lunch we left for the Wanhat! It was so amazing! The Wanhat roughly translates to Oldies Ball and it is for the 2nd years and it is done to celebrate that they are the oldies of the school now that the Abi have left to study for their exams. They did about 9 dances, all very different and some very traditional while others were a bit more modern. I took so many videos and I’ll add a few in once I have loaded them. Liisa told me all about her Wanhat and I was a really great night but I so wish I could have been in it. They practice for months beforehand though so it would have been impossible to learn it all in 3 weeks. Liisa and I brainstormed all the different ways I could somehow be a part of the next one but my Visa would have expired and I could risk not being able to come back to Finland again if I overstay :( When we got home Liisa and Antti taught me one of the most basic dances but I have made them promise to show me some others soon!

Pictures and Videos coming!

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