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Friday, March 4, 2011


It was -34 this morning so my host mum insisted I wear my snow pants over my jeans and I was glad I did! When I got to school I had to test the age old question of whether you can take puffy snow pants off without making a fool out of yourself. The answer is no, I looked ridiculous! 

Anyway at about 9 the Abit started to arrive, the Abit are the senior class(Year 12). They were all dressed in funny costumes and they had buckets of paints that they put all over our faces and hair! It was so much fun and some of the costumes were really awesome! After everyone was completely covered in paint we all went into the hall and they all sung songs and there was a video and some of the teachers got funny presents and some of the students cried. 

They all got on to a truck after that and did a sort of parade around the city centre and threw candy at people on the streets. We had about an hour to wait after that and we had lunch and chilled. When all the Abi’s got back, they lined up and we carried them out on to the bus! I carried one of them with Julie. We then stood outside, freezing till the bus left. I played Super Mario with Tiina but I was too exhausted form the day to really concentrate and then I attempted to wash the red paint out of my hair! 


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