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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend in Tahkovouri

This weekend we were off to Tahkovouri for my Host grandmother’s birthday. The trip took about 2 hours and we were all squashed up into Pauli’s car. When we got there I went all major touristy because it is a ski resort and you can see all the slopes form the Spa place we were at and it was so cool! You could see all the people zipping down the slopes! The spa we were at to go bowling had a Down Under bar and advertisements for Fosters everywhere! I got to meet a lot of the extended family and we all had a game of bowling together. We had buffet lunch after that and we went to our cottage and messed around and drunk Jaffa till we had to get ready for dinner. Liisa did my hair all curly and it looked very nice. It was a tad chilly in just stockings and a dress and my heels kept sinking into the snow! The dinner was lovely; we had 4 really delicious meals which included a really nice steak and delicious cranberry tart for desert. The wine being served was Jacobs Creek! That’s 3 Aussie things in one weekend! There was Jazz music playing the entire time which was really nice although a little annoying for conversation. We all headed outside for the surprise of the night! Fireworks!!! I had never actually seen fireworks so close! We must have been less than 100 metres from them. I guess the chances of a spark creating a fire is a little less when you’re surrounded by snow! We had some speeches and then it was time to leave. Antti, Tiina and I went back to the cabin and we played cards and watched James Bond
We all dragged ourselves out of bed and tried to pack our bags before going to breakfast. Everyone started to leave after that so we said our goodbyes and piled back into Pauli’s car but minus Tiina this time so not as squishy! Antti and I were trying to figure out how this card trick I learnt at Wirraway works mathematically. We made pizza when we got home and Antti finally figured out how the trick works, wed’ seriously been trying to work it out all weekend so that was a relief! They all left after lunch so I watched The Land before time in Finnish with Tiina and ate ice cream! Really great weekend!


Tiina and I

The band, Tiina, Antti and I

Everyone at Dinner


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