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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Week of 5th Period

21.2 – 25.2 
Pretty normal week, well normal for an exchange student! It was my first week in my own proper classes. To be honest I didn't really do a lot in class, I participated a far bit in my English class but Maths and Chemistry is just note taking and reading. My sport class is good, one thing I learnt though is that they are a lot more relaxed than Aussie sport classes. Most people just wear trackies and a t-shirt, so no compulsory uniform. All the games are for fun so no one minds passing the ball rather than claiming all the glory like boys tend to do in Australia. Definitely my favourite lesson because it’s a lot easier to feel included too. Because my poor blog is becoming very neglected I am going to keep the week time posts a bit shorter but ill probably still do full length ones for the weekends.

Anyway some other highlights from this week were; getting my ugg boots – I just thought I’d mention this because what country lets you go to school everyday in ugg boots and then when you get to school you can just walk around in your socks! I had quite a few small language achievements in class. Mostly just working out what we are talking about in Kemia. I managed to figure out what the word for heat was just by recognising where it was being used in the diagrams on the board. Little triumphs like this always make me feel good about learning Finnish. While it is tiresome and very frustrating at times it is also very rewarding at the end of the day.
I met my host grandmother and grandfather this week and that was really nice! :)
I sometimes go to the library café when I have a free and none of my friends have frees and drink coffee and read or write letters. This Thursday I was there and I ran in to our principal, Arja and she invited me to have lunch with her husband and daughter which was really nice. Pretty much sums up exchange life pretty well, you go to the library to have coffee and read and end up having lunch with your principal’s family! On the Friday Liisa, Antti and Pauli arrived and we all made pizza and played this hilarious game called Imago and ate lollies. So many funny memories from that night but I won’t try and explain because well they were all pretty you had to be there things! 

I am getting really bad at taking photos of stuff :/
Here is the game we played! 

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  1. Hey Julia... I am enjoying your blogs...
    I know it takes time... just do as much as you can.. and it will be a great diary too.
    I loved hearing about your skiing adventures, I hope u get to go again.
    ( I used to teach skiing for many years in Falls Creek and Austria)
    Enjoy and take care
    Josie and Shane


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