I am using this blog to tell everyone what I'm thinking and doing beforehand, during and after my exchange year in Finland for 2011.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Relax, Take It Easy

Monday was spent doing nothing, I dont think I put pants on until about 2pm! Gotta love summer holidays. I watched a movie and some Misfits which is great show! 

Tuesday I went swimming with Tiina but it was freezing! We swum for only a short time because the water was so cold! In the evening I went to a rotary meeting and talked a little about my Eurotour. Afterwards I had coffee at my counsellors house and I met some Kosonen's! They are related to my counsellor but I forget how. Anyway we looked at the family history book and talked about maybe going to a meeting and it was cool to meet some other Kosonens! My name isn't exactly that common in Australia. I watched a crappy girly movie in the evening and talked to Liisa. 

Wednesday was one of the very rare days that I woke up before 10. I was up early to make some more pulla! I realised we had run out of flour halfway through making it so I had to go down to the shops, unfortunately I had already melted the yeast into the milk so when I came back didnt quite rise like it should have but they were still pretty good. I was at Doris' for lunch and we walked down to the cemetery and watered the graves and just talked. She showed me all the pictures from her trips to America, she has a penpal in Colorado that she has been friends with since she was a teenager! I love hearing all her stories, I am the same with my own Nanna, I make her tell me everything. We went to Sirkka's after that and we played Wii and it was good fun. 

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