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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I LOVE Finland

I feel like it doesn't get said enough though! I really do love this place that I call home, I can't imagine having been placed any where else in the world. Finland and I were made for each other. I think I will start using more GIFs in my posts, they explain how I feel much better than I can put in to words.

Continuing right off from my last post, the next day was Tiina's 12th birthday party and I went round in the morning to help out. I learnt how to properly roll pulla balls, olen nyt hyvä leipuri! Kati had made cinnamon and sugar pulla and we all had one with coffee and it was love at first bite. They were the most amazing things I had ever tasted! We all made some punch for the girls to drink and Liisa seemed to think I knew what I was doing! All us older ones weren't really invited to the party at all so we played GH and ate cake and just caught up. Eventually they all had to go back to their own cities, when I came home I decided to go for a walk to explore around my new house and somehow managed to make a large circle right back to my house without having any idea where I was walking.

In the middle right you just can just see the little beach that Tiina and I were at.  

The next day I was on my own because it was a Monday and everyone had work. I had decided I would go and do all the things that I needed to do in the city but discovered that I couldn't get out of the house. I am sure that all my fellow Nordic exchange students would back me up in saying the doors are really hard to open! After many fruitless attempts I had to message my host dad for help and he came home and showed me how to get out. So an hour or so later I came back to the house and even though I had a key, I couldn't get in. Wow, 0 for 2 today! Again there is a real trick to these doors. I have lived here over 2 months now and I still have issues with them. My poor host brother had to come and let me in, I was very embarrassed!

On the Wednesday I made Pulla for the first time on my own. They are a very stress free thing to make which I know sounds stupid but although I love baking it stresses me out more than it should! They tasted very good and I had Tiina to vouch for me. We rode our bikes down to the lake and swum for a while and I had only seen her once or twice in the last month and I missed her dearly. We went into the city and had ice cream before we both had to go home. I went to Doris' for lunch which became a bit of a tradition. She always made very delicious traditional Finnish food for us. After lunch we watched a bit of Flying Doctors which I am sure only the Aussie parents out there will remember! I got 3 more ticks of approval on my pulla when I got home which was good to hear! 

My delicious pulla!

The benefits of having a waterproof camera.

Looking over to the city centre

The shirt thing was a complete coincidence! 

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