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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harry Potter and some new introductions

We all woke up kind of late, I doubt we would have woken for another hour, if Antti had not called asking when was breakfast. We spent most of the morning figuring out what we would do and by the time we had decided, we had run out of time so we just left. We stopped first at an Army shop that sold all this old gear from the army and some of it was pretty neat! Pauli bought his bike and rode home and Antti and I set off back to Kiuruvesi. I read my Finland Culture shock book which was really good and I recommend it to any newbies reading this. When I got home Ritva told me that I had missed Henriikka (who had just got back from Australia) because she was having a Harry Potter marathon with her cousin and that I would go and see the new movie with them tonight. I imagine my host mum was very confused about my insane smile as I said I AM GOING TO SEE HARRY POTTER TONIGHT?

Needless to say I was a little bit excited that I would get to see a midnight screening! Henriikka came home a few hours later and it was very awesome to finally get to meet her! I met her cousin, Reetta, too who is one of the biggest Harry Potter fans I have ever met and she went to the premiere in London for the second part of DH which made me insanely jealous of her. She also reads my blog so hei Rettaa! We drove to Iisalmi for the movie and it was pouring with rain. The movie itself was AMAZING. I really, really loved it! In my journal there is a very long paragraph of just all caps that I can barely read about specific things that I liked about the movie but I will not list them here because it will take to long and this blog is for my exchange and not Harry Potter. I was a bit sad when it finished because it really is over now, no more books, no more movies. 

Blurry photo in the cinema before it had started

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