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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paljon Onnea Vaan

Paljon onnea vaan
Paljon onnea vaan
Paljon onnea Julia
Paljon onnea vaan

So the 11th of July was my 17th birthday! I had breakfast which was bread and chocolate cake with Liisa and Antti and then we cleaned up the apartment and did the dishes. We decided to go caching because it was such a nice day and I hadn't taken them out caching yet! We walked down to the coast and then had to bush bash it a bit to get to the cache. We took the super long way around the power plant to get to the next one and we were almost eaten alive by mosquitoes. The second one was much cooler and when I told them that it was actually the cache they didn't believe me, it was sort of camouflaged as something electrical. We walked back home then and Liisa and I decided that we should have a barbecue because I said that I had never had such a warm birthday. So we walked to the shops to buy things for our barbecue and then just hung out and made salad while listening to music until Pauli got home from work. The apartment block has this nice little area with barbecues and chairs and tables and we brought everything down there. Ville joined us not so long after and we all just ate and talked. We had cake and ice cream back at the apartment while watching Usavich which is this very strange show about two rabbits in jail. We all played Blokus then and I am fairly sure Pauli won every single round. It was a really lovely birthday, I missed my sisters a lot that day so it was good  that I could spend it with some of my favourite people! Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.

Pauli spilled porridge everywhere!

Off to the cache

Tamä ei ole roska
This is not rubbish

The cache is the black thing

Birthday Barbie

Chef Ville

Pauli stares longingly at the grass. 

Cutting the cake

om nom nom

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