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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The day I got back was Juhannas which means Midsummer! Juhannas is a big holiday at Finland and it all the cities become deserted as everyone goes to their summer cottages. In the morning I was at my first hosts for coffee and a bit of a slideshow of my photos. I was tricked into eating a chilli flavoured gummy bear! When I got back home I had to try and finish(you know its really hard for me to use the word finish these days without spelling it without an extra n) unpacking my suitcase! Eventually we set out for the kesämokki, it was about a 25 minute drive and it was the first time I had been at a Finnish summer cottage and the pictures really don't do them any justice! It was such a beautiful serene little place. Doris got here and made letty while Santeri and I played Guitar Hero. We went in the sauna and took a photo on the brand new deck to send to Henriikka. The sauna there was insanely hot! I didn't realise and put a scoop of water on the rocks and had to get out it was so warm, I checked the thermometer and it was almost on 95 degrees! We made a small little bonfire and I stayed outside for a while but the downside of midsummer is the MOSQUITOES! I have never seen so many mossies in one place. Jarmo asked me if we had a lot of mosquitoes in Australia and I answered with; I thought we did! I will never complain about the mossies in Australia ever again. We stayed overnight and the next day Ritva's sister and her family came for a very delicious lunch and a swim in the lake. I was so exhausted when I got home! 

This is my new family!
Across is Santeri, Jarmo, Ritva, me and Doris.
Doris is Jarmo's mum, there is also Henriikka but she was still in Australia at the time but she will be in a post soon! 

Doris and I

The bonfire

Taken at 11pm

The cottage! 

On a non-juhannus related note, OMG EVERYONE A POST! I know I have been such a slack blogger, my Eurotour posts took a long time and then I decided I needed an extended blogging break afterwards which was stupid of me but I am back and hopefully there will be at least a new post every week. I am back at school now so I have more of routine.
A few things new on my blog is that you can now get an email when I make a new post! Just stick your email address in the box over on the right and every time I make a new post you will get an email! I have also cleaned up the tags on my posts so you can read then according to what they are talking about. 
So to end this post I leave you with the news that Finland won this years wife carrying competition for the third time in row, a noble title!  Check out the article here

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